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Argos® stands for the greatest measurement accuracy technologically possible. Comprehensive knowledge of interactions between wheel and rail male it possible to exploit technologies to their physical limits. Due to their physical nature, however, clamping solutions cannot be nearly as accurate as measuring sensors installed on the rail in the factory. Argos®Systems offers the greatest possible accuracy in both cases. The modular architecture ensures cost-effective solutions.
Operational experience with wayside train monitoring systems (WTMS) shows that greater accuracy in measurement results, result in decisive advantages. This provides greater legal certainty for the operator. High accuracy is also usually necessary to ensure proper monitoring of assigned limit values.

modular and future-proof

Because Argos® is modularly designed, it can provide a solution tailored to your needs in terms of functionality and accuracy. As only required functionalities are combined, we guarantee you a cost-effective solution.

Argos® Systems makes it possible to expand requirements for accuracy and functional scope at any time during the usage period. All basic elements are already prepared for future upgrades. This makes it possible to expand train monitoring equipment in small investment steps, beginning with
a basic installation.

Argos® – commitment

Argos® WTMS allows for continuous, independent monitoring of vehicle loads, handling, out of roundness and effect on the superstructure. Argos® requires no special measures in terms of superstructure maintenance. Track sections equipped with the Argos® system can be tamped, grinded or reprofiled like the rest of the track.

  • Easy to install, easy to operate
  • Modular systems guarantee cost-effective solutions – upgrades are possible
  • Maximum possible accuracy at normal line speeds (up to 300 km/h)

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