Systems and modules

modular and future-proof

Because Argos® is modularly designed, it can provide a solution tailored to your needs in terms of functional-
ity and accuracy. As only required functionalities are combined, we guarantee you a cost-effective solution.

Argos® Systems makes it possible to expand requirements for accuracy and functional scope at
any time during the usage period. All basic elements are already prepared for future upgrades. This
makes it possible to expand train monitoring equipment in small investment steps, beginning with
a basic installation.

Argos® load and wheel shapesWIM-Instant-OOR-Picto

  • Instant / Instant HP module
  • WIM module
  • OOR module



Argos® running behaviorRBM_Picto

  • RBM module



Argos® impact detection

  • DERAIL module
  • DED module



Argos® data processingMAS_Picto

  • MAS module



Argos® solutions for …

Infrastructure managers and railway operators




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