Prevention – continuous monitoring


Instant / Instant HP module

Argos® Instant is able to measure dynamic forces exerted by the vehicle on the superstructure. This can be used in turn to determine train and vehicle weights. Dynamic forces provide information about wheel irregularities, for example Ąat spots. The easy installation with clamp-on sensors also makes this modules suitable for temporary applications.


WIM module

Argos® WIM (dynamic weigher) can be used to acquire the load status of vehicles at normal line speed with the greatest possible accuracy. This makes it possible for example to compare a bill of lading with the actual weight during operation. Another advantage is that technical limit values can be monitored efficiently and precisely.



OOR module

Argos® OOR (out-of-roundness) measures the deviation from an ideally round wheel with a delta R resolution better than 0.01 mm, repeatability 0.05 mm as a trend function and 0.1 mm as an individual measurement. The measurements can be performed from a speed of 40 km/h and covers the entire circumference of the wheel in the area
where the wheel comes in contact with the track. The measurement system is designed so that at least two wheel blanks (two overruns) are measured for each wheel.
The progression of delta R over the circumference of the wheel is used by the system to derive and quantify types of wheel shape irregularities. The measurement results of a wheel can be generated both numerically and graphically for a speci–c case. In practical applications, global results are typically used for the individual measurements of each wheel (max. delta R, max. Ąat spot length, etc.).


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