Damage control – derailment detection


Derail moduleP1040288

Argos® Derail, arranged as local derailment measuring points, makes it possible to detect a derailed axle of a passing vehicle. Acquisition covers the entire area between the rails, also including the rail fastening (clamps and bolts).
The Argos® Derail system is typically installed on two successive sleepers. A message is sent to the signal system when a derailed wheel passes over. The main advantage of this system is that the complete area between two rails is monitored. The system does not interfere with work on the line such as tamping or snow removal. There is no danger of false activation due to the simple and robust design of the “Argos® DERAIL system” and because all sensors are logically networked with each other.


DED module2014-03-19_151359#20140319_151400_GT-I9505

The derailment detector can optionally be Ùtted with the DED module. This is used to detect parts protruding into the open area to protect installations in the infrastructure such as balises and soft components.


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